Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Miniature Machine

It's cute, and pink. And I just won it on eBay. I actually bid on it so my little friend can sew with me, and it wasn't too expensive so if she doesn't like it, it's just precious. There's a little bit of wear and tear on it, but still, how precious is this? I know.. I know.. I'm gushing.

When she's asleep I might just have to make some of my Dear Jane blocks on it..  wonder what DD is going to name this gorgeous little one?

These are the pictures from the eBay auction - I paid about 10 minutes after winning the bid.

It measures 4.5" x 7"!  So I'm not out a lot of space if my little one doesn't want to sew.

But when I showed her the photos, I was told that I am "the best mommy in the whole wide world" and that "we're going to make some quilts together right mommy?" Makes me so happy!! :-)

Maybe I should start cutting up some fabric into manageable squares for her, huh? And cut some nice batting fabric so she can quilt her own doll quilts. :-)

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