Friday, August 16, 2013

Cracked Pots - Fabric Received

I finally decided on what fabrics I'll be using for the Cracked Pots mystery quilt. It starts September 1st.

Top Row:
Black Numerals - the dark
Grey with Black and Yellow - the blender
The Black - binding

Bottom Row:
Yellow Flowers - the medium
Grey Scroll - the light
Black and White - the border

Ohh I'm excited. I had hubby take the test too and he's also an INFJ. Maybe as a surprise I'll make one for him. (Just because you know I need another project!)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trying Something New for Dinner

The dear hubby has gotten tired of "same old, same old chicken". I took to Pinterest and found a recipe that sounded awesome.

It's Hawaiian Chicken in a Crock Pot.  In the summer I refuse to turn the oven on since it heats up the house too much.  Actually, from about April to October I don't use the oven at all, just stove top, crockpot or grill.  It works for us.

So here's my Hawaiian Chicken all just in the pot and beginning to cook.   After I had made the exact recipe, my husband told me that we were having company, so I doubled the recipe.

I served it over Basmati rice, and with a side of organic broccoli. 

Overall, it was great.  It was a bit watery, but I had a small helper and may have, perhaps, just maybe, entrusted that helper to pour the pineapple juice in. (Whoops)   But, the extra liquid was awesome poured over the rice, and I had enough left to marinate the chicken breasts I had leftover!  So good grillin' tonight. :)

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