Saturday, March 9, 2013

60 Degree Triangle Table Runner Tutorial

To start the Table Runner, you really only need your ruler, 2 fabrics, and a rotary cutter.  If you want to use a special ruler, you can. Otherwise you would use the 60 degree lines on your ruler.  This is a photo of the 60 degree triangle ruler that I used for my runner.

If you wanted to make a smaller runner, you can use a smaller triangle ruler (60 degree). 

Here are my fabrics.  I cut 3 -  2.5" strips from  EACH of the two fabrics. If your fabric is 44" or so wide, you'll be fine with cutting 3 strips. If it's not 44", you'll need to cut 5 strips from each.

Sew two dark fabrics to each side of the light fabric.  Press to the dark side.

 This is what the strip set looks like from the front.

From one of the sets (it doesn't matter which one - it's a personal preference) you need to cut 8 triangles. Cut on one side, then cut the other. If you're into scrappy quilts, you can save the triangle to the right for a place in a future scrappy project.


Here's the other strip set. From this set, I cut 6 triangles. 


 Now, take the 6 triangles you cut, and make a hexagon with them. (you can lay it on the ironing board or wherever you want - I put them here for ease of photo taking).  Then, you'll need 4 of the other triangles. Put them to the side of the hexagon. Border the edges.  Repeat on the other side of the hexagon with the other 4.

 When you sew the triangles together, start at one end. Pick the top or the bottom half. Start on either side right or left. I've found that it reduces bulk if you press these seams open.

Here's the view from the front. Keep adding the triangles until you finish the bottom or top. Repeat for all triangles and the other half.


 Now you should have two halves with a flat edge on both sides.  Take out your pins!! Get ready to pin like crazy. The pins will help you keep the points sharp. Stitch the two halves together and press.  You can press these seams open or two one side.

Voila! Your runners top is done.  Now all you have to do is sandwich, quilt and bind it.  If you want, you can add a border or two. 


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  1. Thanks for sharing this pattern. I am from Canada,going to try to celebrate Canada Day. Equivalent to 4th of July. Big thunderstorm and pouring rain. I will go into my quilt studio and sew up this one of a kind table runner !

  2. beautiful, I am a Newbie and am starting Autum Run, a table runner, difficult for me but Iwont give up.

  3. Love this project! Thank you for the clear directions.

  4. Someone Pinned one of your pictures, so that's why the sudden interest in this post. I don't see recent posts, so I hope you still check this blog.
    Do you happen to remember where you may have gotten the inspiration for this project? Your post pre-dates my company, so I am tracing the idea.

    1. Hi! I do still check, having awful family problems within the last year, cancers, death.

      My Grandmother had a quilt made with a pattern just like it, and she wanted to have a matching table runner. So she taught me how to make it, oh, probably in 2008 or 2009? Nana was a huge fan of using strips and playing with rulers and math. I'm not sure if she made up the pattern, saw it somewhere and recreated it. She taught me.

      Hope you find your answers!