Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hello Kitty LoneStar

One of my friends has an adorable little girl named Juliet. Juliet loves Hello Kitty.

This one will be for Juliet.  I'm waiting on a fabric order for a border for this one.  The first border is going to be a thin red border and then Hello Kitty for a wider border.

It's up on the design "wall" and I'm just not tall enough to get it wide enough or high enough on the wall for it to lay smooth.  But, rest assured that it is smooth.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Show Quilt Sneak Peek part 2

So I know I said I wouldn't post the final quilt, and I won't, but I will post a small sneak peek of the quilting in the fan blades. :)

Shades of Blue

Ok.. y'all know it. Blue is my favorite color.  I love it, there's just something about the color blue, it's so calming to me, like a nice summer sky.

These are going to be going into a "Shades of Blue" Carpenters Star quilt.  The bottom row is going to be the front of the quilt, and the back one is a blue-grey that will be the backing and the binding. Oh is this one going to be so much fun.


 And this one is another Shade of Blue top.  I've got to think about the border on it, and then how to quilt it.  I'm thinking that I'll be quilting loops in each diamond, and then maybe some curved cross hatching in the triangles.. not sure on the squares yet.  And I'm not sure on what border or borders I'm going to do just yet.

"Cracked" Pot - Focus Picked

So, guess what.  Based on my INFJ nature, I thought I might have a directional print stuffed somewhere in my stash, and went looking.  I did have something awesome.  :) 

Now I just have to pick coordinating fabrics. :)  This is going to be very fun.

I'll be able to use up my oranges and yellows.  Who knew that orange was going to be considered a "dark"?!?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Circle of Life

I've always wondered if there is such a thing as fate. Why some things happen at different times.  Makes me question things, and it makes me believe that all things are interconnected.

Today was a happy and a sad day all in one.

First, the sad news, one of my favorite actors Dennis Farina passed away today.  I absolutely loved him in Law & Order (one of my absolute favorite shows).

And the good news Prince William and Duchess Kate had their little boy, a new prince.  Congratulations to the new parents.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Scrappy Owl Log Cabins

I got sidetracked last night, must have hit save and not publish.   Anyway,  here are some of my log cabin blocks from scraps. The only thing that is the same with them is that the centers are all owl fabric.

When I get 20 or 25 blocks I'll be putting sashing between the blocks and then doing a piano key border.  Haven't decided on the color of the sashing yet.

Crumb time

Played with some more bits and pieces of fabric.  I just can't part with it.

Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm an official Cracked Pot

Starting in September I'm participating in a Mystery quilt a long run by Prarie Quilt Mercantile (PQM). The name of the mystery quilt is Cracked Pots.   All participants take a short personality test and do the mystery quilt steps based on their personality.  

It did cost a small fee, but at the end if I save all the instructions for all the different personalities I'll be able to make 16 different quilts! (Like I need that many more projects!!)

Based on my personality test I'm an INFJ. (More on that later)  and as such my quilt will measure 81x92 when done. 

And the suggested fabrics for me to use are bold directionals and geometrics. 

Of all the things in my fabric stash guess what I *don't* have. LOL. looks like some shopping is in my future. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Show Quilt - Top done

My quilt Pieces of Me is going to be shown with Stretching Art and Tradition exhibit at the Philadelphia National Quilt Extravaganza XX held September 19-22, 2013.  I'm so excited to be participating in it.  My quilt won't be judged, just exhibited.

The theme is Hi, it's Me!  so I've been working on Dresden Plates because of the circular nature of life.   I wanted to start out with larger ones and work towards smaller ones, all with things that represent who I am.

My husband helped me come up with the center idea of putting my silhouette in the center and as the Dresdens go from larger to smaller have a piece of the silhouette covered up.

So, let me share a bit of what each Dresden represents.

Pink and Purple - my DD's favorite colors and represents me as a woman.
Blue and Anchors - my Dad used to be a commercial fisherman, I grew up at the NJ shore and had a boat before I had a car.
England and Red Paisley - my love of travel, DH is from England originally and I was in Puerto Rico studying Spanish.
Coffee Beans and Blues and Browns - One of the things I love, coffee.  The blues and browns represent my love of Mother Earth and Nature.
Pencils and Cream Crosses - My profession as a teacher and my faith.
American Patriotic - I'm American, part Native American, and where a lot of my roots are.

I'm not showing off the final outcome with the quilting.. but I will share that it's bound in dark green. :)