Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 9: Feb 26- 4 March, 2011

Let's end February and start March with a theme that I think can be taken many different ways. How I'm going to interpret it, I don't yet know, but it'll be fun. :)

This weeks theme: MIRROR(S)!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 8: February 19-25, 2011

Lets go for a new challenge, it's been a full week off of a challenge! Time to push myself again.

This weeks theme: KEEPING A SECRET

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mug Rug Swap Received!

I'm so thrilled, I got my 2 mug rugs from the swap that I'm participating in. I know that the one woman I swapped with got hers, and the other lady is in Canada, so I hope the US/Canadian customs doesn't keep her mug rug too long!

From stipplingqueen:
She messaged me and asked if I preferred tea or coffee, and I said either or. The teacup is beautifully appliqued with the little tea bag also added. It's beautiful. And her quilting is just gorgeous. She really is the stippling queen! Love the hexagon shape too. Totally unique.

From OK Darla:
She remembered that I love fishing and picked this paper piecing pattern to do for me! I'm totally honored. It's beautiful. I'll have a really hard time using it. I might just have to keep it and not use it. Too pretty for words.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New AAQI Quilt - First Quilt A Month Club

Finally finished my first mini for the Quilt a Month Club at the AAQI. This was a ton of fun to make. I wanted to use one of the challenge themes, and since blue is my favorite color, that won. I'm hoping to also get one mini done with pets, but I just need about 3 more hours in every day.

Sorry there was flash but I couldn't get a better picture. And I just realized that I didn't have the binding on with this. Oh no! Need to get a new picture. Hopefully before I mail it tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Row Robin Journey Begins.

This is my Row Robin in the group Coastal Quilters. There are 5 of us in the group, each of us has to make one row, 12.5" by 60.5" - can be done as one strip or 5 blocks, up to the individual working on it.

I included a picture of the journal that I sent along. In the journal I told why the anchor fabric was so important to me, and why I chose the fabrics I did.

Then I wanted to do something clever with the labels, but I wasn't really sure what to do. After I thought for a while I decided on doing a suitcase to represent all the traveling the quilt top will do. It'll be going all across the USA on its journey. So I left them all blank and asked the participant to pick the suitcase they like best and to sign it with their name, screen name and state. It's up to them if they'd like to include their town or not. I'll use the label that no one picks.

It's now on its way to bookworm in California.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Introducing... VALENTINA

So today is Valentines Day, and DH and I don't usually celebrate it at all. Typically we stay in and have a nice meal and that's what I love. We give each other a card and that's usually it.

But today I hopped into this local thrift shop that I typically don't frequent. I've been in there once and for a thrift store I thought it was very expensive. I go in, and look around quick, didn't see anything and then... there she is. They wanted $120 for her, but for DH and I right now that's a *huge* purchase, so I text him a photo of her, and the price and he texts back, "buy it, Happy Valentines Day"

And since today is Valentines Day I thought it was only fitting that her name is now Valentina.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 7: February 12-18, 2011

Phew.. last week was fun, but let's go with an easier (maybe?) theme for this week. Next up.. ONE COLOR.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finally Sold Pirate Table Topper!

I did a couple craft fairs about a year ago and no one wanted this pirate table topper I made. I have another one too, just need to get some better pictures of this one. But, it finally sold! :D Yay!

Argh, I'm a Pirate:

Truer Colors on Argh, I'm a Pirate:

This is the binding and backing of Argh, I'm a Pirate.

My bindings take me a while to do since I only hand stitch them to the back. I try to get at least 7-10 stitches per inch for binding, just to make sure that it won't come out easily.

The Quilting on the Back of Argh, I'm a Pirate:

This is the Pirate Table Topper 2. Somehow I don't have a good picture of the finished one, but I'll get a good one before Tuesday when I send the girl her 2 table toppers, pincushion and coasters.

This is the Pincushion that started it all. The woman saw it and said, "I love pirates" so it's now hers, and so are the two pirate table toppers.

Boomerang Block Received

This one is from Bookworm. Isn't it pretty?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Boomerang Blocks Done

This one is going to Pattis47:
All of the blocks that we're making for her are going to be made into quilts for soldiers. I think that's so nice, and since I knew that, I didn't want to do anything to "girly".

This one for Mistiliz gave me all sorts of fits and it's supposed to be an EASY block!! I swear that I ripped the seams out of this one at least 3 times, and it's still not perfect but it was driving me *insane*. It's fine really, and using the galloping horse method no one would notice.

And OATW13 sent a beautiful campground inspired fabric. It was so beautiful it actually hurt to cut into. So I barely cut it, just put a border on of little stars. Hope she likes it!

Week 6: Feb 5-11, 2011

I'm going to try to challenge myself a bit this week. This weeks theme is ILLUSION.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My hubby is awesome

Look what he got me for my birthday! All these quilting books. Now I only hope he knows how much fabric I'm gonna need. :D Fabric is an addiction. Honestly. BUT it's way cheaper than therapy.


All Star Quilts

Twist and Turn Bargello

Magnificent Spiral Mandalas