Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ready for a Sew Along?

I think I've figured out how to do this. I'm just finalizing all the math bits. Are you ready for a sew along?

Anyone else out there like rainbows or color wheels?  Have you been intimidated before by different sew alongs because they might be too complicated?  Never fear - this is only squares and half square triangles.

If you'd like a 64x64 quilt with no borders - you'll need 2 1/2 yards of your background fabric. The background fabric will have enough left over to cut your binding strips.

If you'd like a larger quilt, and want to use the background fabric as your border - you'll need 3 yards.

From the rainbow fabrics, I'm cutting 8.5" HSTs using the Easy Angle II Ruler. Personally I can't live without this ruler.

Can you cut squares and sew your HSTs that way? Of course! For me, the Easy Angle ruler takes all the guesswork out of making the HSTs - but use whatever method of making HSTs works for you.  As long as your HSTs are 8.5" unfinished you'll be fine.

Pull out some rainbow fabrics... and 2 1/2 or 3 yards of white, cream, tan, grey or black for a background fabric and we'll be doing some cutting shortly. 


Materials Needed:
Background Fabric - 2 1/2 yards (no borders) OR 3 yards (for borders)
Dark Red - Fat Quarter
Red - Fat Quarter
Rose/Pink - 1/3 yard
Light Purple - Fat Quarter
Dark Purple - Fat Quarter
Blue - 1/3 yard
Teal - Fat Quarter
Dark Green - 1/3 yard
Light Green - Fat Quarter
Yellow - Fat Quarter
Orange - 1/3 yard
Tan - 1 Fat Quarter

*You will have some leftover fabric when you cut out the triangles. Do not put it in the scrap bin - It makes an adorable embellishment on the backing and label for your quilt.

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