Monday, February 14, 2011

Introducing... VALENTINA

So today is Valentines Day, and DH and I don't usually celebrate it at all. Typically we stay in and have a nice meal and that's what I love. We give each other a card and that's usually it.

But today I hopped into this local thrift shop that I typically don't frequent. I've been in there once and for a thrift store I thought it was very expensive. I go in, and look around quick, didn't see anything and then... there she is. They wanted $120 for her, but for DH and I right now that's a *huge* purchase, so I text him a photo of her, and the price and he texts back, "buy it, Happy Valentines Day"

And since today is Valentines Day I thought it was only fitting that her name is now Valentina.


  1. Oh what a lovely valentines day find. I've never seen one quite like it. Are you planning on getting it all tuned up and sewing on it? I know several ladies who have them and enjoy sewing on them. Great find.

  2. I do plan on cleaning her up and using her! I need a new belt, a good cleaning and a new shuttle cover.