Friday, February 18, 2011

Mug Rug Swap Received!

I'm so thrilled, I got my 2 mug rugs from the swap that I'm participating in. I know that the one woman I swapped with got hers, and the other lady is in Canada, so I hope the US/Canadian customs doesn't keep her mug rug too long!

From stipplingqueen:
She messaged me and asked if I preferred tea or coffee, and I said either or. The teacup is beautifully appliqued with the little tea bag also added. It's beautiful. And her quilting is just gorgeous. She really is the stippling queen! Love the hexagon shape too. Totally unique.

From OK Darla:
She remembered that I love fishing and picked this paper piecing pattern to do for me! I'm totally honored. It's beautiful. I'll have a really hard time using it. I might just have to keep it and not use it. Too pretty for words.

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  1. Wonderful mug rugs! The teacup is wonderful and the fishing lure is quite unique.