Friday, January 21, 2011

More Boomerang Blocks

This one I sent to OK Darla. She sent the blue fabric and requested a white on white fabric for the one that I added.

This is the one I sent to Nurse Bonnie:

And I received this block from moonrise:

I sent the black, white and red fabric. Originally I purchased the fabric for my friend for a wedding quilt. Unfortunately, she and her fiance split up and I had all the fabric purchased. Since it's not really my "thing" and my friend will be moving into her very first apartment in April or May, I figured that the fabric could still get used. Perhaps it's not for the original purpose, but at least she'll get a "new home" gift, just not a wedding quilt.

And I received 2 more F8's that I get to play with! YAY!

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