Thursday, July 10, 2014

Something For Me?

I finally had some inspiration to work on a little something for me - a new wall hanging for my sewing area.

I found an awesome fat quarter of a blue sky and cloud print and a little bit of a red and cream print sewing themed fabric   I paired the red and cream fabric with one of the fabrics I purchased my last trip to JoAnn before it went out of business in my area. The fabric I picked is a cream music print.  Its very subtle.

Then I used my favorite Dresden Plate ruler to cut the blades. When the whole plate was made I discovered that the fat quarter was slightly too small to applique the plate. 

So I added strips of Kona white to each side of the fat quarter.  This gave me enough space to applique the Plate.

Currently I'm in the process of hand appliqueing the plate to the background.  I have four of the 20 blades done.

After its all appliqued down I still need to figure out how to quilt it.

When everything is done my final touch will be to add my fathers buttons to the points of the blade. Daddy passed in 2007 and I've been holding onto buttons I pulled off his favorite clothes.  They've been living in a baggie in my desk drawer.  But I think this will be the perfect use for them. 

So... any suggestions on how to quilt this one up?

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