Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm an official Cracked Pot

Starting in September I'm participating in a Mystery quilt a long run by Prarie Quilt Mercantile (PQM). The name of the mystery quilt is Cracked Pots.   All participants take a short personality test and do the mystery quilt steps based on their personality.  

It did cost a small fee, but at the end if I save all the instructions for all the different personalities I'll be able to make 16 different quilts! (Like I need that many more projects!!)

Based on my personality test I'm an INFJ. (More on that later)  and as such my quilt will measure 81x92 when done. 

And the suggested fabrics for me to use are bold directionals and geometrics. 

Of all the things in my fabric stash guess what I *don't* have. LOL. looks like some shopping is in my future. 

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