Thursday, February 21, 2013

Basketball & Football = a quilt?

My daughter and I share the same Godmother.  When we decided to baptize our daughter, we wanted to pick someone who meant a whole lot to the both of us. The only person that we could decide on was my Godmother. We asked, and she said yes!

As I was thinking about it, my daughter and I can now do joint gifts for our Godmothers birthday and mothers day.  Since Godmother is a *huge* fan of Duke and the Patriots, off I went shopping for some new fabrics. The goal is to get the whole quilt done by Mothers Day in May.

I got some Duke fabric, and Patriots.  The Patriots has a pinch of red in it, so I'll do a skinny border in red, and then more blue and white.

I'm making WhirlyGig blocks! :) So much fun. Here's a close up of the blocks before I trimmed them to size.

And after playing with how to lay the blocks out, this is the layout I decided on, with a ton of help from my husband. Please excuse my toes.

And this is what I've gotten accomplished so far. All the blocks but 3 are sewn (those will be going on the backing which will be pieced just because a pieced backing is so much more awesome in my opinion).  I still need to add a larger blue and white border, then sandwich, quilt and bind.  I'm still debating on colors to bind, red or blue. Any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!

Until later my friends!

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