Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 42: 16-22 October

Ten more weeks to go!! How's everyone doing with their weekly quilt challenge?? I'm catching up on the few weeks that I missed, or didn't finish up, but I do have a lot of miniature tops! This winter I plan on quilting everything and binding them all. :) I'm so excited for it.

Miniature quilts are a ton of fun, and they're quick (relatively speaking!) I do think that I've spent a ton of time working on them, and overall, I'm happy with how they've been coming out. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be - sometimes trying to find three or four hours a week to sew is really tough - especially with all the other "mandatory" wedding sewing or fun sewing that I just want to do. Even out of this challenge, as fun as it is for me sometimes I just want to sew and make things for me. Weird I know. :)

Anyway - lets get a move on with this weeks theme. Lets think outside of the box this week. How's about we do any shape other than square or rectangle. :) Lets have FUN!!.

Theme: ANYTHING OTHER THAN SQUARE. Circular, oval, house, car shape - just go with it!

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