Sunday, October 23, 2011

4Patches4Hope - Make a 4 Patch, Make a Difference

I just read about this new initiative in Blogland, and started to cry. I've lost a lot of family members to Cancer, and I know so many strong women and men fighting every day.

All the initiative is asking for is to make a 4 patch. Each 4Patch will measure 4.5" unfinished (so 2.5" squares). We can use any 2 dark colors - that represent cancers colors - and 2 light squares.

If you'd like to contribute please feel free to read further here at 4Patches4Hope

And here is a list of the colors used for each different type of cancer from


  1. Thank so much for helping to spread the word. I know there are so many ways people can help - this is just one that I hope is easy for quilters! We are nearing enough blocks for the first quilt (180 per quilt)and support like yours to get the word out is priceless.

  2. I have the fabric cut for at least 4 blocks. :) I'll see how many I can get done.