Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week 36: 4-10 September

When I think of the 60's I think of stories that my mom, Daddy and Aunt told me about the times. I still love the music (in my humble opinion it was some of the best out there), the style of clothes, the bright colors, peace, love, hippies. My mom's totally supportive of my desire to create a miniature quilt a week, and she decided on this weeks theme. She said to tell everyone and go forth and create a "DECADE THEME" Pick any decade you want, the one you were born in, the one you wish you were born in, one that you're fascinated with and create a miniature to represent that decade.

the 30's - use feedsack or reproduction fabrics
the 40's - do a black and white quilt representative of films
the 50's - use up that Elvis fabric you probably have stashed, base a quilt on a popular song
the 60's - music, colors, go wild, go vibrant, peace, events
the 70's - DISCO! yellow and brown, Atari
the 80's - Cabbage Patch Kids, Matlock, events

You get the idea. Now take that as a seedling and create!

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