Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boomerang Addicted

Yep, I'm so addicted to these Boomerang Swaps. I've just joined up for Boomerang 6!! I have so much fabric that I'll never get made into quilts if I don't swap.

I think sometimes I'm paralyzed by fear of cutting and making a mistake. There's so much gorgeous fabric out there, and I get upset sometimes if I just don't buy it. But then it sits, and I never make anything. It gets aggravating.

These Boomerang swaps let me make at least 35 blocks for other people (maybe with the same paralyzing fear I have) and then they can make a block for me. :) Best of both worlds.

This Boomerang, I'm again in 2 groups - so that's a total of 70 blocks to make. I've decided on sending out 15 fat eighths of Elmo fabric with pink and yellow background, and I'll make 1 block. That'll go into a quilt for my DD. Then I have this *amazing* coffee cup fabric - and since I don't have a quilt for myself in over 12 years of quilting.. just maybe I'll send out some fat eighths for a coffee quilt for me.

The rest, I have NO idea. I still don't have a Christmas quilt, and I have a lot of Fall and Halloween Fabric, and I have a *TON* of Hawaiian print fabric.. just maybe some of those. What do y'all think that I should send out?


  1. What's a Boomerang Swap? I've never heard of the term.

  2. A boomerang swap is a swap that 36 people sign up for. We're all put into one group, and we send out 35 Fat Eighths (one to each participant) and we keep one for ourselves to make. They send one to us and we make a block for each other - so it's 35 blocks in 4 months. :)