Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home Quilt: Done! Week 33

Here's Week 33's quilt - DONE. :) It's all about HOME

My DH and I wanted to commemorate the states that we've visited, countries we've lived in (he's from England, and I've lived all over) or visited. He thought what I've already got started would be good, but he thought more colors would be awesome. I've got a map that I've hand embroidered with the dates of the places we've visited, or just me (and he felt a bit left out!)

This is the first miniature quilt of the 50 US states, since we live in NJ - I figured it would be a great start. I've sketched out the states and I'm going to do all of them in miniature form.

I'm going to put the dates, probably embroidered, maybe written, either on the label on the back or on the front that we visited/lived in the state, country or providence.

New Jersey is known as the Garden State (that's why I picked the veggies and fruit fabric), and I love going and picking my own fruit in the summer. There's tons to do here - so if you're not from NJ, it's actually much more than the show Jersey Shore - I promise.

I'm *thinking* of making a double and donating them to the AAQI, but we'll have to see how time allows.

This little quilt measures 8x11 inches. And I freehand sketched the outline of NJ.

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