Monday, July 11, 2011

4 Boom Blocks Mailed Today

And these 4 were mailed today. So now, I'm only missing 2 ladies fabrics, 70-2=68. And I've mailed out: 24 = 44 more to go. Of that 44, 2 are going to be made from me, so only 42 more to go. And I have 6 more blocks prepped, just have to sew the final seams in them and those will go out tomorrow. :D I'm aiming for all of them to be mailed out by August 1st.

This one is for Cyndi H. I loved her fabric which was the blue and flowery print. I searched high and low in my stash and found the orange with brown swirls and thought it worked super. I can only hope she likes it as much as I do.

This one is for Havplenty. She sent the fun and funky fabric. In her note to me she asked for no orange, red, brown or hot pink (that was my first instinct - hot pink) but as this is for her I had to follow her instructions. I hope she likes it. The block is called Shoo Fly.

These next two are for Paintmejudy. She's in 2 groups with me. The bird fabric was hers, and she asked for medium to dark tonals, no whites. My instincts were all screaming to put a white on white with it, but she didn't want it, so I didn't. Still think it would have looked awesome. And the other fabric she sent was the plain brown. She wanted blues with it, so that I could easily do. :)

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