Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Boom Blocks for Today so far

Well, I missed the postman today but I did manage to get 3 blocks made in the span of about 2 hours. I'll be getting more done this weekend, I'm planning on getting at least 4 more done tonight, and then three or four tomorrow.

I made this one for roseysue. She sent the super cute pansy fabric. When I opened up her envelope with her F8, I started to laugh because I had just purchased the same fabric and I almost sent it out as my fabric for the Boomerang swap too! I didn't send it out though. :)

This one is for KathyN. She sent the blue batik. I didn't have any batik in my stash and had to go out and get this matching fabric. I'm still NOT a fan of batik. I thought that doing this block might change my mind about batik, but I still find it super scratchy, hard to work with and hard to sew. Hope Kathy likes it!

Brenda5 sent the funky dog fabric. I actually received it this morning, and made the block later this afternoon. She's going to be making a quilt for her grandson with this fabric. I really hope the likes it. I had a ton of fun with the block.

**EDIT** I finished two more blocks and I'm about 40% done with one other one.
This one is for HobbyKat1955. She sent the super cute tea fabric, but it had a lot going on, and I wanted to "calm" it down a little bit.

This block is going to Nurse Bonnie. She sent the Christmas paisley fabric and asked that we add glittery fabric. As soon as I got the fabric out of the envelope I just knew that I had the perfect matching fabric. I'm so happy with the way the block came out.

And this lovely is going to be for Bookworm. Bookworm sent a Mardi Gras fabric (stripes) and I messaged her to ask if I could embellish her fabric - she agreed. So I still have to applique it down and add some ribbon and rick rack. It was the flash on the camera that washed out the background fabric, but it really is purple, not blue.

And these are the blocks that I received.
This one is from Goldendog55. I just love it.

This one is from Fromzstore. How cool is this block??!!

And this beautiful block is from PokerDiva. My jaw dropped when I opened the envelope and saw this block. Took my breath away. I'm so happy to now have one of PokerDiva's blocks. It will look so fantastic in the quilt I'm planning.

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