Saturday, March 12, 2011

New AAQI Quilt! Gecko Gorgeous

I'm officially behind with all the things I wanted to do. This is what having the flu gets me. :( ARGH!! Three days of not moving from my bed and not even caring what's on Netflix. I've just started being able to sit up without wanting to lose all the food I've eaten (not much!) I was hoping to have the last 11 Boomerang Blocks done by this past weekend, but that's not happening. I'll hope to have them done by the end of this week. So Boomerang partners - be on the lookout! :)

Just finished it up last night. I hate binding! Took me forever to find a good color that would go with this mini. Finally decided on using up some more of my scraps - I think this brown is left over from when the Rag Shop was still in business. :) I love to hoard my fabric.

This is my March contribution to the Quilt A Month Club at the AAQI. I've had the top started since very early this month, but just finished it last night. Sapped all my energy, but it's done! :)

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