Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boomerang Block Swap. 4 done. 31 to go.

Holy smokes. I'm inundated with fabric, and I'm in HEAVEN. The Boomerang Swap is in it's 4th version, and this is the first one that I've got the time to participate in. In case anyone doesn't know what the Boomerang is, there are 36 people in a group. Each person sends a Fat Eighth (F8 from now on cos I'm too lazy to type it out) to every other member in the group - so 35 total. Each of the 35 members takes that F8 and makes a 12.5x12.5 block using the fabric you sent, and any other fabric they want. We aren't allowed to specify a block. This is a total friendship swap. I've gotten 2 grown up blocks back and I've got 5 to send out on Tuesday because of the postal holiday on Monday.

These are the ones I've received:
From Buddy'sMom:

From JaneCat:

These are the ones that I've sent out:
For JudyG:

For buddy'smom:

For LovingIzabella:

For Sweetness:

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